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The Future of Warcraft

News and announcements that are considered vital to the site is posted here. This section also displays the site rules in the form of a sticky.

The Future of Warcraft

Postby Systemfre » Wed May 04, 2016 11:26 am

Hello Warcraft Underground.
I have some important information to share with you.

The Hiveworkshop has recently had some conversations with blizzard around the time patch 1.27a came out for Warcraft 3.
After the patch was announced a member Kam was very enthusiastic about the continuing updates with Warcraft 3. He contacted Blizzard before the patches released and the hive staff team came up with all the content they wanted to see in a future patch in Warcraft 3.

That is basically the gist of it.

The full post can be found below or at this link http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/late ... ft-277296/

There is also a PDF containing what they sent to blizzard. I've had a look over it and I'm rather excited :)

Systemfre, out.


Members of the Hive staff Kam and PurgeandFire visited Blizzard on the week of patch 1.27. They went there to discuss the patch and the future of Warcraft 3. We are excited to share some great news and the account of their journey.

The Beginning

A few months ago rumors began sprouting about a potential patch to Warcraft III. Blizzard was supposedly in contact with a number of competitive players in China. With the success of NetEase and Blizzard's official GOLD tournament many of us were optimistic that life would be breathed into Warcraft III. A few of you are aware of dialogue that began late January with Blizzard in regards to patch 1.27a - here is the story.

One of our users, Kam, was extra optimistic and resolved to contact Blizzard directly to give input for the patch. He decided to start by contacting Mike Morhaime. The response was rapid and Mike forwarded the conversation to the new Classic Games department headed by Rob Bridenbecker and Pete Stilwell. It was clear from early conversations that there was a genuine investment in helping Warcraft 3 thrive. Kam asked Ralle for help and was adviced to start a thread in Staff Contact to gather as much information as possible for a document to submit to Blizzard. Kam, PurgeandFire and several other staff members participated in the creation of this document. Kam had several phone conferences with Blizzard discussing its contents.

It was compiled using Ezekiel's patch thread along with various suggestions from the Hive community within the Patch 1.27 rumor thread. We wanted it to be open but "razor sharp" so we tried to condense and refine multiple takes on similar themes throughout the forums. We reached out to multiple users and staff members to get feedback as well as read the public threads. It purposely left out melee balance changes since the competitive players have already discussed that with them.

As for Blizzard's feedback on the list and what they will accomplish we can't say because of the scope and we signed non-disclosure agreements. They were definitely excited and extremely appreciative of the report and they'll do what they can at their own discretion. Some tasks have extended production schedules, some are rather vague, some might not be possible, and quite a few are already in production. You can all rest assured that the focus is "not to break ****"!

The document is attached to this thread.

The Journey

Fast forward to the past few weeks. Blizzard invited Kam to visit their headquarters in Irvine, California. He was asked to invite other key members to come along. He extended the invite to several staff and community members, however only PurgeandFire was able to attend.

The Takeaway

There is an enormous amount of information we are not able to share with you. I know this is frustrating but we will attempt to communicate Blizzard's intentions in place of specifics. Please do not ask Kam and PurgeandFire for information - all we can currently share is here.

Blizzard has been really supportive of our feedback and this compatibility patch is just the first step. Some people have been a bit disappointed with the most recent patch. They had actually been working on the OS updates for a few months, and I believe they wanted to get those issues out of the way before moving on to bigger things. Sorting through the code sounded a bit like archaeology from the way they described it. Fixing all the old compatibility problems was not trivial, but they found some cool stuff along the way -- some of which may be related to the arbitrary order-per-second limit placed on BNet servers.

Blizzard is reading the Hive and other fan sites, and are interested in a continued feedback loop. Most of the document we created will be addressed in the coming patches. This includes the launch of Bnet 2.0 and a substantial increase in map file size limit, perhaps 150 MB+.

Kam and PurgeandFire met numerous coders working in the Classic Games division in addition to Rob and Pete. All of their team is genuinely excited about the future of Warcraft 3. This patch is not a one time deal.

Destiny awaits, my friends.
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Re: The Future of Warcraft

Postby Giliras » Sun May 08, 2016 9:54 am

That's brilliant. :)

Quoting: Destiny awaits, my friends! :D
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